Environmental Responsibility

Here at CL, we take our responsibility to the environment seriously & actively look at ways to improve on our environmental performance. All staff are trained to understand our policy & meet the high standards we set. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the products and services we acquire do the least amount of damage to the environment as possible.

In recent years we have invested heavily in energy efficient machinery. All of our sites use continuous batch washers, which recover all of the rinse water in the machine and can be reused in the wash zones, prewash zones and wetting out section. This equates to nearly 100% of the fresh water entering the machine being recycled and used elsewhere for washing etc. This not only saves water but also saves steam and chemicals as the residue chemicals are reused and the water will be hotter than the fresh incoming water.

We have installed a water filtration system, all of the waste water from the washing machines are stored in a pit in the factory floor. This will then be pumped through a very fine mesh filter & stored in a storage tank. This water can be reused in the wash process of the washer extractors. This reduces chemical use and steam heating.

Our sites are strategically placed to reduce journey times & increase fuel efficiency. Our new factory in Watford is close to all major motorways in the area, resulting in reduced journey times & increased fuel efficiency. All routes are planned carefully for maximum efficiency, all of this allows us to minimise CO2 emissions.



We are in the process of integrating a new system called Bacellos into our sites. This will enable us to cut down significantly on paper usage. Paperwork such as invoices, statements etc can now be sent by email. The system will also improve efficiency throughout the business.

We use a independent company to advise us on "Health & Safety" issues alongside our own H&S team. We have implemented staff safety training manuals, COSHH assessment manuals, safe systems of works manuals and risk assessment manuals.


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